Andy Roddick won!?

Question:Whoo! Lets hear it for andy!

My question is what was up with Hewitt tonight? He wasn't himself.


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Roddick was playing extremely well.

I also wonder what was up with Hewitt. A large number of his first serves went straight into the net. That was pretty horrible. Still he produced some great shots, and I felt a few of the line calls were questionable. The match could have easily extended into a fourth set. Not to mention that Hewitt just came off of a 3.5 hour long 5 set match the other day, and everyone is exhausted at night. Meanwhile Roddick has been resting for like two days and is ready to pump up the crowd.

Roddick's been riding the wave though, and is doing an excellent job.

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Hewitt was out played and looked like he was out psyched by Roddick in the last few games in the final set. Andy is on teh rise again, and hewitt has been going down for the past few major tournaments

Andy murry? roddick.screw the americans...i bet he took drugs to win like all american athletes do...dont worry he wont win it.let the loser have his fun...hahahahahah.lets go federer.its a shame rafa lost.but hey...if rafa dont get rid of the americans then roger will!!!

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Might have been the tough five set match last night, coupled with the patella tendinitis that hes been battling for a while. They said that if it hadn't been the US Open he wouldn't have even bothered playing. Maybe it all just caught up with him.

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Hewitt lacks a big game. He wins most of his matches by producing lond,exhausting rallies and tiring his opponent. He is not a match for hard-hitters( and Andy is probably the hardest hitter next to Safin ). You can his career losses and you will find that most of them are against the bullies. As for Andy, he is swiftly getting back to his prime. Federer will have to careful if he wants to win his third straight US Open.

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andys got great talent hes just to impatient with his play which hurts him in some games

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all i know is that andy is hooottttt

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