What does the term "WILD CARD" entry mean in tennis?


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A wild card is given to someone who isn't ranked high enough to be placed on the head table of a tournament and didn't get through the test rounds.and with it the player is able to play...
A lot of countries use the wild card in order to let their less ranked (national) players a shot at playing in a big tournament...
A few years ago a wild card was given to Martina Navratilova to play at Wimbledon in the ladies singles...

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it means a plyer is unranked or so low in rankings they need to play qualifying roubds to b in a tourney or they can recieve a wild card if a ranked player dosent play

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The tournament gives WILD CARDs to some players who the tournament wants them to be participating in it, usually they are for players from the tournament's country and for not highly enough ranked players to play the tournament, so they would participate in it without playing the qualifying rounds.
But, it's not always for low ranked players, for example: Amelie Mauresmo got a WILD CARD this year.

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What everyone else said is right. But in my experiences on ITF's in junior tennis, most of the girls from USTA automatically get a wild card if they aren't ranked high enough. To apply for a wild card, go to usta.com

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It means that the organizers decide to include him/her in the draw, although he wouldn't have the points necessary to enter. It is like an "invitation pass"

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A wild card is given to a player who does not have the ranking points to enter a tournament but are allowed in anyway. This can also be considered a favor. During the grand slams, you will hear this alot. If there is an empty space in the French Open draw, they might give it to an American and then during the US Open, the AMerican will give it to a French Player!

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