ANDY RODDICK questionable approaches to net?

Question:Did anyone else notice how much Roddick tried to get to net against Federer in their last match, but how awkward some of those approaches were?

Oftentimes Roddick tried to get to net but hit the wrong approach shot or tried to get to net trying to cover the middle of the court as opposed to down the line. But mostly, it seems he tried to get to net from too far back near the baseline and therefore could not get a good angle to close the net.

A typical scenario is if Federer from the ad side hit a medium shot to Roddick's back hand side, who then runs around it and launches a drive down the line to Federer 's forehand side. Roddick then tries to get to the net..but he is too near the baseline first of all, and took the wrong angle to come in. Federer then can either pass him down the line or with short cross a court shot.


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Roddick does not have the instinct or confidence to be a serve and volleyer. He is more of a baseline powerhouse. If he wants to win Grand Slams, he needs to become more creative and tactful. He already has the athleticism, but tennis is more mental than physical.

At least he is trying to change that though, he just picked the wrong opponent to practice his net game.

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Just a sign of the times. A guy with as big a serve as A-Rods doesn't know how to come to net. Let alone serve and volley.

The ATP tour looks like the juniors game these days. Baseline hackers, clunky two handed backhands, and no net games.

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No wonder Roger is smoking these mofos.

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I wouldnt say they are questionable approaches because everyone knows that you cannot beat Federer by hitting baseline to baseline with him, he is too good for that and will destroy you if you try it. More people will and should approach the net against him and it will force him to use the net game more then he would like to. I think Andy with Connors as is trainer will do great things in the near future and with everyone having to go to the net, it will bring back the older style of tennis. If im not mistaken the last time Federer lost in a Grand Slam event was the French Open and i believe Nadal used the net game against him.

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It seems he does not know when to go to the net . He was going to early the other night .

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Roddick can't do a backhand like Federer. If he can master a one handback hand, he'll have it made.

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