Andy Murray!?

It's coming to the end of the season now anyone think he can make it into the top ten before the season ends.


Where can I buy a Jacket like the one Steffi Graf wore at the US Open?

looking at the points, he's got quite a lot to make up to break into the top 10, but he will get close. This time next year i reckon he will be top 5

I want to be maria sharapova's boyfriend, What should I do ?

he is good but i dont think he is that good

Federer - No Mercy For Nadal?

hope not after what he said about england football team

Tennis Racquet for Most Improvement?

He is the future of tennis, and he will make the top 10 by next year.

I saw a teen hit a serve that had very little bounce on hard court, what kind of serve is that called?

It's time to set his sights on next year and train like a mad man. He can get into the top ten then with diligence.

Federer or Tiger?

he's got the game and the coach, he just doesnt have the heart.

Tennis Skill help, please?

He needs to sustain his form, top ten will be too difficult and he finished last season on a high and this season needs to beat last years performance when he started this run up to the TOP 20.

Why Paes and Bhupati declare that they will not play together in future?

totally agree with Ace25. He just doesn't want it that bad. He isn't even trying and hes in top 20's that looks so bad for Tim and Greg though. But I think by next year he'll be there.

Amalie mauresmo.?

No Chance at all. bcs he was beaten by Nikholay Davedenko... if he had won he cud have been there...

Can I serve over arm, like in Tennis?

Not this year

About "Tennis Elbow"?


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