"Andre Agassi was the best tennis player in the 90's"... any doubts??

He was a professional player on and off the court.


Any advice on tennis?

Pete Sampras dominated and clearly was a superior player than Andre. The matches between these two were legendary, but I would have to say that Pete was a much more dominant player. Not taking anything way from Andre, but they were clearly 1 and 2 of the 90's.

What male tennis player won the 1981 french open?

Yes, I have my doubts. I can think of about 5 players who were equally, if not more, successful than Andre Agassi during the 1990s. Agassi might've been the best had he not married Brooke Shields, but even so, Pete Sampras was always a little bit better on and off the court.

How do you generate more speed on your serve in tennis?

Unfortunately, Pete Sampras might have something to say about that. That might be it though. Maybe Boris Becker. But definitely Pete Sampras. Andre does that have the distinction of being only one of two to win all four Grand Slams.

I'm sick of getting my tennis balls mixed up with other people. i wnt to find orange balls of equel quality


Is Sania Mirza overhyped?

no doubt

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