Any such incidence when a man has became professional tennis player after the age of 23-24 ?

Question:hello friends, can any body answer my following questions :
(1) the record of becoming professional tennis player at the oldest age ?

(2) for an "ordinory" human being , how much years do it take to become a professional tennis player ?


Who is the tennis coach of Kim Clijsters on 2002-2005?

If I take your question to mean that someone started playing tennis at 23-24 and became a pro, that would be nobody in the last 100 years. It is impossible to do as tennis is the toughest sport on the planet. Your question about becoming a pro tennis player, now a days, it takes about 10 years of tennis grooming, assuming you start around age 8-10. If you play a lot from age 8, in ten years if you have played a lot, worked up to around 4-5 hours a day by age 15, you can turn pro at 18.

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look at andre agassi. retired at 36. sure! u can start at 26 and have aten year career, albeit a hard one. unless ur fit. and dont get injured.

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