Whats a ready stance?

Question:whats the definition of ready stance?

how can i make a sentance usuing the term ready stance?

Why is the term ready stance important is tennis?

and how does ready stance look like?

i don't understand tennis... anyone want to help?

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I was waiting for my opponent to serve, I moved in to return serve and got in my ready stance.

The ready stance is important because it gets you in the best position to take a quick first step. It is the stance from which you split step( a small jump in the air) from.

The ready stance is with your legs at least even with your shoulders. Your knees and back slightly bent , and up on our toes with your raquet pointing at the net .

The best I can do , this is fairly strait forward.

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A ready stance is the position of your body like your feet, hands and body posture before starting a game or sport. To use it in a sentence. The Police Officer stood in a ready stance before the rioting crowd.

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Best for the Return of serve:
1- Have a relaxed body, alert mind.
2- The upper body leans over your toes.
3- Your body is bent at your hips.
4- Knees are bent to allow a fast push-off.
5- Arms and shoulders hang loose.
6- Elbows should be kept clear of the body.
7- Thumb and finger tips support the racket throat.
8- Feet are a shoulder width apart.
9- Toes of feet point out for stability.
10- Racket string face is vertical.

You need to be in a ready stance when your opponent is getting ready to serve.

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I was taught that a ready stance should be knees bent, both hands on the racket, standing on the balls of your feet.

For just tennis, the definition is usually something like, the stance a recieving player uses as they wait for the serve.

And is the not understanding tennis not understanding the game in general? i can explain that...

In singles, there are two players on each side. The alleys (the sections down the sides of the court) are not used. Players serve every other game, and game scoring goe 15-30-40-game. If the players get to 40-40, it is called Deuce and then a player must win the game by 2 points, i.e., play is at 40-40, player one gets the next point, it goes to 40-AD, player two get the next point, it goes back to 40-40, player two gets the next point to make it AD-40, and then player two again gets the point winning the game. Games are one 'point' in a set, and sets go to six and must be won by 2 games. If a set gets to 6-6, it goes into tie-break, and the tiebreak is won by whoever gets to 7 with a two-point lead over the other player. In men's grand slam events, they play best-of-five-sets matches, and best-of-three in non-slams. Women play best-of-three in all events.

reader's digest version: A match consists of sets which consist of games which consist of points.

hope this helped.

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The ready stance is the way you stand to get ready for your next shot.

A sentence using the ready stance might be: "He got into the ready stance after hitting a forehand."

It is important in tennis because it is the foundation for your movement to the ball.

What you do is after you hit the ball you slit step, which means you lift the weight off both your feet, so that you can easily push off to any direction. You also hold the racket out in front, and keep your eye on the ball to see where it is going to go.

If you want to understand tennis, go take a lesson. There are also plenty of websites, but you should really see a professional player or go play yourself.

Look at the video on youtube of a point between Federer and Hewitt. If you want to understand the ready stance watch what Federer (on the bottom the screen) does after each shot. You'll see that after he hits, and right before Hewitt hits he does a little hop. That is the split step and it puts him in the ready position.

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