Anyone else? Agassi?

anyone else see agassi's last match, he broke down and got a standing ovation!


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I was crying when the crowd was clapping and wouldn't stop until he bowed to all sides of the stadium. Nadal let him shine. He didn't talk allot and let Andre take in the shine. It was a shame to see him loose his match to Nadal. I would have like to see him go all the way to the finals. I will never forget that match. I think that Nadal was honored to play Andre in his last Wimbledon, I would! I hope that Andre gets his back fixed. I'm sure that if his back didn't hurt he could have won. He had the last match of his life. He will never forget that. Then as he left he signed pictures and tennis balls. One of the officials even helped him carry his gear off the court, even though he didn't need it.

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Yeah. He definitely had a huge amount of crowd support. I liked the fact that Nadal was a little more reserved when he won, too. It was a nice touch.

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Agassi is 100% class!

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yeah, i've seen the full match and it's a little bit sad to lose again one great tennis player (after Pete Sampras) in the tennis circus. Andre Agassi was one of the nicest and fairest on court and i still remember his 2nd participation at Roland Garros 18 years ago as he advanced to the semis - a new star was born.
We will see him again at the US Open for his last show down.

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Yeah wasn't it great. I hate he lost. He even made the news on all the channels.

Maria Sharapova dont deserve to be No.1 they say, and tennis fans keep on criticizing her. Why?

yeah, it sad that Agassi lost! MAN! i'm still sad right now as we speak.

Hi i am JOY from india.?

It was so sad to see him go after all of his hard work and years of playing. I think we all knew it was going to happen but we didn't want him to go. :(


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