Am i being a **?

I just came from my competition. Yes, i won, mostly because my opponent was a terrible tennis player. I didnt do quite well myself. It seems like the game was won without really much playing but mostly serving. I myself sucked in that but managed to win 6-1. Im now in the semifinals and i need to admit i feel lucky winning but im not truly happy. How can i see the bright side of this? I didnt even had to play the first round cos my opponent didnt show up. I automatically won 6-0. I personally dont believe in luck. I really played terrible. How can i have faith in myself and build up confidence? Im faithless.


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well it sounds like to me that you did nothing wrong as far as the first set goes. she didn't show up, and that is her punishment, not your reward.

i compare this to in professional tennis where if a player has to forfeit during a match because of a critical injury, the player that sometimes doesn't even deserve to win, wins. it's a lucky chance, and you should take these with open arms because they don't come that often. if you feel guilty, you just have to tell yourself that if you make it past the next round, then you were meant to move on. you just beat an even better player.

if you want to prove to yourself that during that match, you deserved to win, then i think you should work extra hard to win the next one. push yourself. this will help you a lot with your confidence.

good luck during the next match!!

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Well, you are not a ** because you won fair and square. Just look on the bright side of how you tried hard to win, and how maybe your opponent didnt try at all. Practice, practice, and practice will make you better, therefor increasing your confidence. Trust me on this, it works.
-by the way, cute avitar : ]

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you won the competition and won your opponent if you fell that's luck and you dint have faith in your self . look at the bright side
you won your in the finals and your opponent needed that luck
to win you if you fell you are not good have faith in your self a little
don't say you don't have faith we all must have faith in our selves
with out faith in you you wont win your opponent you wont be a tinnies player you will not be in the finals so you made the luck . luck never come only if the person have faith .so always have
faith in your self and never give up your faith in your self.or you
will never find a way for happiness

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Most of the time when you play someone who is not as good as you it is hard to play well. You get your rhythm messed with and it is hard to concentrate. The important thing is that you won, you want to win or be able to win on days you play well and do not play well. So good job and focus on the victory. You are in the finals now so you know that you are going to have to play well to get the title. If you start off slow and feel you are not playing well really concentrate on moving your feet, moving your feet tend to relax you and makes you focus better. Congratulations on your finals.

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No of course you aren't. You won fair and square. Mabye your opponent didn't practice at all, and you did. Don't get mad at your self and NO WAY you are NOT being a **

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You are not bieng a ** beacuse you won the game fair and square. You may not have played your best, but you will do better next time.

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You only build confidence through experience, playing against tough players & winning & most of all believing in yourself & ofcourse lots of hard work.
No pain no gain !

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you won be happy

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