When is blakes new racquet coming out?

Question:I heard a rumor that James Blake (American) was working with prince to develop a new version of o3 jsut for Blake then it was going to come out to the public?
Extra Credit- who will be the next person other than Federer to win a Wimboldon?


Indian Wells Tennis...do you think Nadal will advance much...his game has been kind of bad?

The Prince 03 Tour Hybrid is out on the market now (as of September 2006); it is a departure from Prince's traditional head shape, resembling a Dunlop (J.Blake's previous racquet sponsor); we have one in our pro shop (I'm a Director/Head Pro), and it's a pretty solid hit;

As far as your next Wimbledon winner, maybe Andy Roddick (with his new coach Jimmy Connors) can sneak in there as early as 2007?

What's so good about a graphite Tennis racquet ?

I heard the same thing too. I heard it'll come out beginning of next year.

I saw "Super" Mario Ancic will win the next Wimbledon that Federer won't win. His game is well suited for the grass and he's already made the semis

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