Anyone play tennis?

Question:Anyone play tennis? if so where at? any tournaments? Whats your rating??

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I'm new in playing tennis. i would like to know what is the best weight for my racket?

3.5 here.check ata for local chapters in your area.Mine is called the cta Chattanooga tennis association.Going to any busy coart is always a good place to pick a game while meeting other players.Good luck.

Federer defeated by Nadal again, Is Nadal just lucky or has he got Federer pegged?

Dear, congratulations, you find out. lets meet, my icq 342497205 but please advise kind of tennis is it on the table..?

I have a TENNIS question!?

Me! : )
no tournaments yet, going for one soon
ntrp 3-3.5

What male tennis player won Wimbledon in 1994?

I do. I play at Score, no not the learning center. I play tournaments whenever I can.

How old is gabriella sabatini?


Youzhny vs. Federer at Dubai?


Are there any professional tennis players here?

4.5 is my tennis level. I play in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America, in Senior Women's League, We suppose are older than 35 years old, but last week in my last tournament I play againa a 25 years old girl. I am 55.

Do you angle your racquet to get better topspin?

I play tennis in the Northern California Section. I plat at a local tennis club in Fairfield, CA. I sometimes play tournaments anywhere from Santa Clara to Auburn.

What is the size of a badbinton court?

I don't have much time to play in tournaments because I work and I have college, but my rating is 5.0. I am hoping to get better.

Does Rafael Nadal have a girlfriend?

i do!! I take private lessons at the Park Ridge Tennis Academy in Park Ridge,NJ

Which tennis player (a woman or a man) makes the funniest sounds while hitting the ball?


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