What racketeer fended off questions about her love life by telling reporters “Lets talk bout bras” in 2000?


Is it worth the adulation Sania Mirza gets?

That's the one and only Anna Kournikova. What a classy lady, huh? :p

What muscles do you use when you do a forehand in tennis?

Anna Kournikova

I need some facts on Poncho Segura- tennis player of the 50s?

Anna Kournikova
The 19-year-old Russian drew a crowd of photographers as she gave her endorsement to a new line of sports bras.

Wearing a denim jacket, Kournikova posed for photographs and brushed off questions about her private life in which she has been linked romantically with hockey players Sergei Fedorov and Pavel Bure, among others.

"Let's talk about bras," she joked.

Who is actually the best player on the wta tour?

Anna Kournikova

Hitting Through the ball?

Anna Kournikova

Is rafael nadal left handed or right handed or "both"?

Anna Kournikova

Do u think maria sharapova is hot? i do! coz everytime i saw her it just keep on standing up!!?

Anna Kournikova is the answer For Radio Trivia

Why do people not like tennis? why!?

Anna Kournakova

How do I politely keep a coworker from joining my tennis group?

Anna Kournikova

Is Rafael Nadal better than Roger Federer?

Anna Kournikova



Federer vs. Canas?

Anna Kournikova

Who has the loudest grunt in men's tennis?


Whats the difference between tennis shoe and running shoes?

Anna Kournikova

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