(Guys only) Who is the hottest tennis player?


When playing tennis, what is the best stratagy to win against a tough opponent?

Andy Roddick

A qs for tennis players.?

andre agassi

How do I increase speed on my serve?

i'm hot but no tennis ( going to turn A/C on )

Whats the best tennis training camp for kids?

Is Anna Pornikova still swinging a racquet? ;)

Is hitting a winner with a western grip hard in tennis?

Gabriella Sabatini - Legends division
Any Russian player - current roster

If you purchase a US Open arthur ashe stadium ticket, does that allow you to also walk the grounds for the day

Martina Hingis.

Whats a good workout for a 15 year old tennis player?

Hingis and Kournikova

Anybody who wants to donate his tennis equipment?

Sharapova definitely

Should I buy a new tennis racquet?

maria sharapova and you are next baby!

Who's the best coach in TENNIS? WHY?

I say Sharapova.

Maria sharapova or anna kournikova who will win in a match at wimbeldon in the finals maria or anna russian?

Rafael Nadal

When does a string need to be replaced?

I think me

Whats wrong with Andy Roddick, is it worth me going to the U.S. Open this year, to watch him not do well?

It has to be Maria Sharapova & Nicole Vaidisova among the young lot. Even Daniela Hantuchova & Hingis with their unique dress sense.

Can someone explain how tennis is scored?

so are u asking for guys to answer naturally or for anyone to answer with a guy tennis player...so the two russians kournicova and sharapova are really hot...naturally...guys i pass
ps try just listening to a girls tennis match...its interesting

My new Nike Vapor IV tennis shoes are causing arch pain. Will inserts fix this or should I buy new shoes?

Hantuchova and Henin,

The former one get the outlook beauty, the later one get the smart beauty

Who was and who's the current boyfriend of MARIA SHARAPOVA ...serious answers pls.. THANKS! (-:?

Andrei Pavel

Who was the only male tennis player with 12 Grand Slam singles titles, before Pete Sampras?

sharapova and kournikova

Do you think I can make it to Wimbledon?


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