Anyone play tennis?

I love playing tennis!!!!!1


How much are ball boys (and girls) paid?

Love the one on one battles, the mental toughness and all the different styles you can play. Doubles is a great game a little less thinking goes on then singles , you have fewer choices when A happens you do B. Travel sucks if you are out their playing and the season is to long. I think the fact that if you are a good junior in the States you have to move to Fla or Cali to a academy stinks, but you have to play all year round. Playing injured all the time stinks , but I guess that is the same in all sports. Working on a particular part of your game and getting results in play is great , winning is awesome losing is the worst. Choking in front of a lot of people is brutal , but the big wins balance it out.

Nadal takes battle of surfaces in 3 sets. why?

what area are you from

Rafael rosell shirtless?

It's pretty cool, but I'm the newest of Noobs.

Table tennis bats?

i love it also, it is a GREAT sport! it is something that you can play your whole life, unlike other sports! it uses many talents and is just so much FUN! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! Don't ever STOP playing it, believe me you WILL REGRET IT BIG TIME!

Where can i watch tennis video's or clips for free?

I love tennis 2 especially when u hit the ball hard and force your opponent to run side to side. And also i like running for the ball is just pure fun. Especially the intensity between u and you opponent and fighting for every lil point. Or sometimes no competiton just play for fun and hit around.

What is sania's current ranking?

I love playing tennis too...

Anybody know any good tennis games for kids?

Ya i also play tennis, its a cool game. I enjoy playing at and i have become quite good at it. TENNIS ROCKS MAN!

What male tennis player won French Open in 1988?

Ya, love it. I play 4.0 USTA level ;)

Why are east European countries so good in tennis and yet they don't have better facilities than UK?

i luv tennis too its soooo fun!

Are you allowed to play the ball second time after air stroke?

I LOVE tennis too.
Here we are in our finals for the summer season - grand finals next week. I love it.
Play Saturdays for the club, and we have a social comp Wednesday nights.

Go the Tanunda Magpies!

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