How do I develop the best serves in a tennis game?


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Even though it'll probably be a pain in the butt, you have to practice.
To help you develop the right tennis grip, serve, toss, and position of the feet, you should get a private lesson from a coach.
Or you can go to a tennis clinic in a group and help develop your mental and social skills with other players.

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practice the toss.
practice the serving form.
practice keeping an eye on the ball

simply. just practice

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Practice does do good, but you need to know how you want to serve. You can serve hard and put spin on the ball so it'll keep down and in control(like the pro's main weapon), or you can hit spin serves, which are mainly spin not power, which can confuse your opponents. Also remeber that you must serve using fluid movements, as in always following through, not pausing. You can make sure of that by also perfecting you toss, another part not regarded as much but quite important. If you can't toos it in the right spot, you can't hit it where you want to. Hope that helps!

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The quote "Practice makes Perfect" is entirely BS..

The new quote."Perfect Practice makes Perfect"
Think about it...

Anyway .........
You have got to bring that hopper on that court and probably hit like 5-10 baskets.

Also use the fence drill where you are standing near the fence. Toss the ball up and hit the ball so that the ball is "stuck" between the fence and racket.

Set up balls on the court (down the t, out wide, and down the middle as to get your opponent jammed) for target practice which is also important. Get a cone or lay 3 balls down in a triangle and lay 1 ball atop the triangle in the middle. If hit, the pyramid will collapse.

Buy a speed gun. The reason is obvious.

Learn different types of serves beacause you want the opponent to guess what serve you will hit, keep him/her off balance, and so the opponent won't expect the same serve and figure out how to win the point by attacking your serve.
1. Flat serve
2. Slice
3. Kick

Well can't think of anymore, hope it helps.......

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