Anyone up for some tennis?

Anyone up for a friendly tennis match? I live near mesquite Tx.


Who is your favorite tennis player?

If your ever down under in Australia sure no worries mate

What muscles should you build for Tennis?

Sorry, no

Where do the bricks for red clay tennis courts originate?

Oh i would for sure, but it would be a much to long commute, seeing that i'm across the country. But thanks for the offer!

My friend wants to know who is the richest active tennis player (male and female)?

not a good question to ask people online, even if all you want to do is "just play tennis"!

I was wondering how to not get nervous during a tennis tournament?

Sure, come on over to Charleston, SC. It's nice and hot here. Played today in a one day mixed doubles tournament, and won. So come on... LOL

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