Anyone have the wilson [k] tour?

Anyone have federer's new racquet? I might buy it, but i want to know other's opinions on it too.


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I wouldn't necessarily mention staying away from Wilson. They make a great line of frames.. and guess whose balls they use at the U.S. Open? ;)

The K 6.1 Tour is quite extreme. Weighing well over 12 oz strung, it's a lot to handle, but feels awesome if you can hit the ball on the quarter-sized sweet spot.

If you're not interested in something that heavy, try the K 6.1 95 frames that come in both string patterns, 16X18 and 18X20. A more open string pattern for more spin, and a more dense string pattern for durability.

If even the K 6.1 95 racquets are heavy, try the K 6.1 TEAM racquets. These are significantly lighter, running in the 10.5-11 oz range. These are great frames in the K factor series for people who still want to use the new line but are unable to sustain the whopping weight of the 95 or Tour racquets. However, they only come in the 18X20 string pattern.

Hope this helped! :)

-Your pals at Brad Gilbert Tennis Nation

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the wilson six one tour is a solid racquet but it is quiet is 325 gms it is ideal if you have a medium swing. it gives good control too

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it is a piece of rubbish. Just shows how great federer is, he can play with a terrible racquet and still be miles ahead of anyone else.
I would reccomend the following brands: Prince, head, babolat, fischer, dunlop and possibly volkl, maybe power angle.
Stay away from: Prokennex, wilson, w line, avery, gamma, slazenger, technifibre and yonex.they are either sub-standard for hitting with, and wilsons are not only sub-standard but brake easily.

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