Anybody interested in tennis?

Does anybody love tennis still nowadays? I am going to tennis lessons and was wonderin g is this amasing sport now an interest to people?


Can someone help me with my tennis game?

I ADORE TENNIS - this is the best sport ever!

Which are the top Ten Seeds in current day Tennis?


Are the stadiums at Wimbledon, U.S. Open, Australian Open, and French Open only used once a year?

Yes its a great sport to watch and good fun to play. Go 4 it.

What male tennis player won Wimbledon in 1989?

its better than badminton

Sania Mirza looks wierd in normal clothes?

a lot of people including me. it's fun and make you fit as well. i recommend it.

If my forehand grip is between semi western and full western, where should the ball be caught?

yeah!its the best sport in the whole world.

Tennis elbow?

I am also taking intermediate tennis lessons. Yes i still think that tennis is an amazing sport, and that it needs more support from people. Kepp playing!!! :)

Are Bungee Tennis or Tennis Trainer devices good practice?

Know what you (and everybody) should do? Spread the word !! If you love it, then tell everybody about it. Invite them to play. Here are your answers for their excuses:

1. "No money to buy equipment" - You could go to a second hand shop and buy a racket for ten bucks. A can of balls at a discount outlet is about two bucks. Public courts are free.

2. "Need lessons" - True, but if you have a friend who knows, then you could convince them to teach you. If they love the game, they will.

3. "No time" - Make some. We can play, and so can you.

4. "Too hot" - Go hit the courts early in the morning, or late afternoon.

Any other excuses are just that excuses. They don't want to be convinced to play tennis. In the meanwhile, ENJOY!

How does "tennis challenge" work??

TOTALLY! Tennis is growing in leaps and bounds. But that aside, if you love it, don't worry about what anybody else thinks! :) If you want people to play with call your local USTA office they can hook u up. Good luck!

Who will win the Aussie Open for Women, Amelie Mauresmo or Justine Henin-Hardenne?

i loooooooooooove tennis!

I live in Toronto, where can I play PING PONG?


How many players in a double tennis match?

i am i hope you pick me!!!!!!!!!!...

Who was the partener of leander peas when they won the french open and wimbledon men's doubles titles?

Woo! Go tennis! I'm helping teach lessons this summer

Do they play table tennis in the Us among high schools?

A lot of people love this sport. It is very much not-a-dead sport!

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