Ages in tennis?

I started playing tennis at 13 (im 14 now) i practice and exercise almost everyday do you think i can make it at least in the top 30 or so, even if i didnt start when i was alot younger do you think it will have any bad affect?


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With the young ages that all the pros start at now, i would say you have almost no shot of making it in the top 30 in the pros. most professional women make the pro tour when they are teenagers so you don't have as much time as in other sports. 14 is old in tennis. i don't know if this is what you are referring to though. with hard work, however, you could make it in the top 30 in your state or usta section and even go on to play in college.

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I think it doesent matter when you start as long as you practice hard. The thing you should do is get match plaY under your belt. The only advantage of starting young is better coordination. But starting young also leaves you more injury-prone. Just practice.

TENNIS- Is there a number of challenges you get or are they unlimited?

It really depends on how good you are now.

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well, it would have been better if u started at atleast 10 but if u work hard everyday and focus on playing tennis.u work out everyday before playing tennis for atleast 3 hrs. and do some hard work. remember : nothing is possible. even the word impossible spelt backward is i'm possible.

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it doesnt really matter as long as you practice hard. Although people who start earlier than others kinds are better

Tennis pratice?

well, age doesnt matter.. i think u can do it

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