Any tennis tips for me?

Question:I just started playing tennis for the first year for my school that just started a tennis sport. I have always just been average at sports but I really want to do well at tennis. And next tues. is our first match. But the coaches are only taking 10 players and theres about 15-13 players all together. So to get to those 10 spots we have to play each other starting tomorrow.

Any tips?


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Since you just started playing tennis and have to play matches very soon here is what you do. First, eat very lightly at lunch time and again have a small snack about an hour before you go on court. You want to be light on your feet because you will be doing a lot of running. Next when you are serving, just try to put every serve in the middle of the box, don't give away any points by double faulting. When you get a serve in, be ready to play the next ball to your opponents backhand side. The backhand is usually the weaker side for most beginning players. Be sure that all of your groundstrokes have plenty of net clearance but not hard enough to go over the baseline. You can practice what is known as topspin which is where you brush up the back of the ball as you step forward into the shot taking a step towards the net. But be sure to just make the ball spin over the net until you get good at it. Once you get the feel for it you can hit it harder. You want to play safe and smart until you develop your skills. Just concentrate on meeting the ball with the racket and that every ball goes back over the net. If you miss you want to miss long and not into the net. If you play this way it will give you a better chance of beating your opponents because you force them to play more balls and you can outlast them. Plus they may hit one of your balls that otherwise might be going out. Safe and smart is the way to play until you get more experience. As for me, I could have you hitting winners and 15 ball to 20 ball rallies in just a few hours but that would take personal coaching, Good Luck!

I am really good at tennis and getting better how can i become proffesional no body watches me play?

Yes, make sure you give 110% and they coaches will notice.

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hit the fuzzy yellow bouncy thing over the stringy thing that goes across the middle of the big concrete area. it's usually best if you use the wire-y thing with a handle to do so.

good luck.

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Concentrate ? Good Luck

I am so jazzed Andy Petitte is coming back to the Yanks. Are you?

as an experienced tennis player (8 years), there is no way to get better except practice. like my coach said, the only way you can get better is if you play people who are either at your level or people who are better than you. i have a friend who tried out for the girls team and she was dropped but she spent all summer working on her game and she's gotten much better since the last time. all i recommend is practice on a regular basis. good luck with your try outs!

Tennis is one of the most popular sport in the world,do you know why they call LOVE instead ZERO when counting

Relax and enjoy the game. concentrate on your strokes and keep your eye on the ball. run everything down. and be a good sport!

If you don't make the team this time you'll only get better and eventually get in. Don't get discouraged but continue to practice and work on your game. It will come your way. good luck.

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Try to return every shot to your opponent and dont try anything fancy, let your opponent get frustrarted and let him make all the unforce error. Cheers and enjoy the game!

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eat a banana and try not to choke on it, lol.

seriously, though, try not to get dehydrated.

oh, and have a personal mantra, it helps a lot!

: )

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