Did you cry when you saw Agassi's last speech?

I did. He was so great for 21 years.


Which future Wimbledon champion played her first professional match against Tracey Austin in 1982?

I cried like a baby. I always wondered why he dumped Brooke Shields though.

Who is the most hated and have the baddest attitude in female tennis player now and why?

nah, its about time the old fart (for a tennis player) retired

Rules for playing the tiebreaker in a tennis match.?

no, I mailed him a mullet wig

In your opinion who is the best Tennis player of all time?

I did go out and buy a rebel camera...and im growing a nice mulley mull

How do i change my address on drivers license online?

no tears.. but what a speech.. The guy said one of the classiest speeches in tennis history.

Who are the top five male tennis players in Britain?

I didnt but almost because he did so much for the game and was such a humanitarion. It was so sad that he lost to Becker.

How do you deal with pushers?

I had to hold back tears, yes. I'm still a little depressed about it. I just try to remember that he is in pain and needed to retire.

How to play tennis? basic strokes for tennis, hand grips, foot works,right backhand &forehand swings?

I sure did. I have always been one of his biggest fans. Even when Mary Carrillo was putting him down. I saw him when he was 16 and fell in love with him then.

Raquet Choice?

only tears of joy...
C'mon - he was the poster boy for everything wrong about the 80's.

But at least he grew up, i guess.

What racket did Arthur Ashe use during his playing days?

I didn`t think I would. Becker was serving 30-0 in the last game and I thought, "well it's over now, he's retiring. I thought I'd feel worse than I do". Then he lost another point and to my surprise my eyes got full of tears...and he finally lost. Then I couldn't hold it anymore and started crying like I hadn't done in a long time. I guess a lot of things came to my mind at that moment. I am just 18 and I love tennis, it's my greatest passion, and imagine how I feel about the guy who has been playing since before I was borne, and made my sport even greater than it was, with those incredible battles against Sampras, Feder, and Blake, which were not to take place any more...I couldn't take it.

How on Earth can you defeat someone who serves 51 aces in a match against you?? (Agassi beat Johanson after he did so)

I would like information on any tennis classes for seniors in the Middle Penninsula of Virginia?

i cried. my mom did too. I am about the same age as Andre, so i grew up watching him. he's such an awesome player, a great humanitarian, and an all around nice guy. i'm going to miss him.

What is Martina Hingis's mobile number?

nah. not much but felt bad. he was a good player but you know he's getting old. feeling the strain.

Who's Up for a Game of Tennis?

Yep. Couldn't help it. I rode the 21 year roller coaster with him and when I saw him crying, I was right there with him. Still hasn't sunk in that my man 'Dre is off the tour.

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