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In tennis why do so many players blow on their fingers? Also why do they examine the balls before chosing one before the serve. I am sure they look the same. What are they looking for?


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Tennis Players blow on their fingers to keep them dry so they have a good grip. Being a tennis player/coach myself, we are looking at the felt on the ball. The tighter the felt the faster the ball will travel through the air. Therefore if you are trying to serve hard down the middle you want a tight felt ball. Also if you are hitting a slice serve out wide you also want a tightly wrapped felt ball so it skids and stays low. If for instance you are seriving a kick serve out wide or into the body, it doesn't matter as much if the felt is tightly wrapped or not. They always throw one ball back, because if you carry an extra ball in your pocket you can actually wind up hitting it with the butt cap on your racket and it could mess up a paticular shot. Serve speed is also very important, a 10 mph difference can mean the difference between a short and week return versus a deep return which needs to be won by rally.

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They blow on their fingers to dry the sweat off their hands. This helps keep a tight grip on the racket. They inspect the ball for any irregularities or defects in it that might make for a bad shot. The same reason why pitchers do it in baseball. They're just being anal.

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It's a habit... more of like a good luck blow. just like playing dice...

They examine the balls because they want to ensure that the balls are not bare...

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They blow their fingers to dry the sweat on their fingertips so that they can keep a good grip on the ball.

Most players examine the ball to make sure their is no dirt or unwanted stuff on it that can affect the way the ball spins. They also examine it to make sure it is a good ball (no spots without any of the fuzz, etc.)

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