Is Andre Agassi best ever tennis player?


Did sania was overwhelmed by the support in yesterday s match.. where she felt as a filmstar.?

As much as I like him, no, he's not the best.
I think Sampras was more dominating and he definitely had more slams. Andre fell off for a bit and dropped to what, #181 in the rankings? I remember at one point he was playing satellites. That's like Michael Jordan getting demoted to the CBA.

Agassi did win all the slams, something Pete never did. I do give him credit for bringing more attention to tennis, though.

But I think Federer is still young and he'll make a run at best ever.

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Maybe. And did you know that he bears a striking resemblance to E.T.?

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No, but he's one of the best ever.

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id say arthur ashe was

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i'd say no, but that's just my opinion, i'm not the biggest tennis fan, didn't he used to spit on referees?

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Definetely no. Maybe just one of the many best tennis players but not the only one.

Do you think it's possible to start playing tennis at 16-18 and become a great tennis player?

Andre is not the best tennis player ever. I would not even say he was the best in his time playing. That title I think goes to Pete Sampras.

Andre was charismatic and entertaining to watch, but the best...nope.

Is sania mirza loosing her confidence?

Not really...He is one of the best, but not best of the best(s).


Not really but he's a good player, I mean for his age, he's pretty well and fine.

Which would you recommend?

rafa nadal will be the best ever in a few yrs time!

Where to buy old models of babolat tennis racquets at discount in SINGAPORE?

I'd say no. He's one of the most talented ever male tennis players, but the best? uhn uhn. Agassi never truly dominated the sport as say Pete Sampras or a Bjorn Borg did. If I was forced to vote for a best ever tennis player at this time I'd go with pistol Pete. I might change my tune with the way in which Roger Federrer is playing, but that's for the future.

Tips anyone?

He may be in the top ten.

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Yes, he changed tennis so much and every one will miss him dearly. We will miss watching him on the court.

How long will i get better like this?

No. Rafaël Nadal is the best player ever!

Do u think that Rafael Nadal is gay?

He may not be Number 1 ever BUT consider this:

Andre is:
One of only 5 players ever to win each Grand Slam
- Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open -
(Not even his arch-rival, Pete Sampras, accomplished this feat)
*The ONLY player ever to win each Grand Slam on four different surfaces.

ONLY player in the open era to win a title in 18 different years.
ONLY player to be ranked in the top 10 in 3 different decades
ONLY player to win the Golden Slam (He won an Olympic gold medal in 1996)
224 Grand Slam wins ranks 2nd all time
60 Career Titles


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I don't think so..I mean..LOOK he lost to the guy ranked 112. The best ever male tennis player is probally Arthur Ashe or Ferrer. And the woman's are Venus, and serena williams.

Who are some great tennis players to never achieve a number 1 ranking?

yes he is. Sad to see him go.

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yeah one of best players

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Hard for me to say because he is my favorite player all-time, but no he is not and was not the best ever. One of the most talented ever, NO DOUBT. Amazing hand-eye coordination and one of those game-changers who did several things when no one else had ever seen them done. If he was a better physical athlete, he could have been the best ever. At his best, he still couldn't beat Pete Sampras playing his best, or Federer, and maybe a few others.

Definitely ONE of the all-time greats, though.

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