Andre Agassi's Drama?

Question:How many of you out there think that Agassi exhibited so much drama yesterday? If you have spent 20 years in the game and earn millions,why the need to come cry before the ever emotion seeking american spectators?
I think it was full of drama.What do you think?


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Yeah, I was pretty surprised at all the tears, but I guess after focusing your entire life in one area for 21 years It would be pretty emotional to give it up.

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I think that he was courageous to show the world that he was not afraid to show his feelings the way that he did. I also think that the world of tennis has lost a great icon.

A lovely man. Steffi you are a lucky lady.

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If his concern is money he would have quit the game, it is all about winning and feeling like a winner always.

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he could lose from the 2nd round against baghdatis

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the tears were from his heart...It is just like saying goodbye to someone you really love...
Tennis became part of his life for 2 decades so its understandable how he reacted after the final game of his career...very lovely man...He'll gonna be missed...

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Oh no, no, no Agassi didn't cry to show off mate.This was his reaction from the bottom of his heart,the tennis courts are his home,he respect them as well as love them like anything.For him to win a match is like living his life again

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The tears were from his heart. He played for 21 years and now he wouldn't play tennis anymore. that is a big difference. He wanted us to know that it is OK to show emotion and to be yourself. The crowd was clapping for 8 minuets non stop and i think that brought back memories of him winning other tournaments and not playing any more. I would cry if my whole life was tennis, and then just stop, that is a big jump. We are going to miss him dearly for ever and ever.

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what do i think?
that you really dont understand tennis

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There is something to be said about understanding the game of tennis, owning some knowledge of Agassi's astounding career and having the capabilty of being able to fathom passion.

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Agassi was not dramatic. Are you crazy? Think about it. He retired from doing something that he loved to do since he was 4 years old. He is a great champion and a great person and will be remembered that way forever. Yes, he has earned millions but, he choses to give back to tennis and to children in need. He has opened a school in Las Vegas to give back to his community that he has loved too. I wished the world was made up with many people like Andre Agassi. We all could learn more from him including you.

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oh c'mon, give the guy a break. he's entitled to be emo and i don't think there was anything put on about it. if you mean why did he even have to play the Open with his back injury, well, he wanted to thank his fans properly for all those years of support. if you watch tennis a lot, you'd know that andre is one of the best loved players out there. his coming out here one last time was really for his fans. i doubt if he ever thought about making it even to the semis. this is nothing but a gesture to his fans and everyone who seriously loves tennis should appreciate that. andre is a great player and a class act, one who totally deserves our respect.

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i think it is sad. this was his last year. I think if it was my last year playing a sport that i loved to play I would cry to if it was my last game.

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they were crocidile tears!he was getting ready for his acting career!!

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It was brillant that he opened his heart to the crowd, who were waiting for the performance after tennis.

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