After years of practice, I want to finally become a professional tennis player, how do I do that?

please tell how much (if I do) i have to pay


Roger Federer Vs. Sampras/McEnroe/Borg (anyone) Etc. - who wins?

Really all you have to do is play a bunch of national or sectional tournaments up until your ranked nationally or world wide.for each nation or sectional tournament its about 100-200 dollars.also once you get high enough you can start doin worldwide tournaments

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Go out and play, compete, participate in tennis activities (join club, professional organization, etc.). Best wishes! :)

Do you think fed.funds should be distributed equally between mens and womens sports?

I hope you havent practiced too manyyears, or you will be too old to work your way up the standings anyway. As the other poster said, start winning some tournaments. How do you know you are good enough to go pro if you havent won any tournaments yet?

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if you live in Israel, you can study in win-gate in tel-aviv your favorite sport (tennis) and they will elect you to be in the world competition according to your skills.

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