A tribute to agassi..light a candle for agassi for his well being..u wid me??


Is it true that Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova were toghether and they broke up yesterday or so? love Andy:D

with u !!!111

What's the best small animal to use as a tennis ball?

todally wid u

Are there grass or clay tennis courts in Las Vegas? If so, are they available to the public?

No. The guy was a tremendous athlete, playing a game, and fortunate enough to become wealthy at it. You think you need to worry about his well being? If you want to start doing candles ( which is so corny anyway ) then what about people whose well being is a challenge everyday? Your sentiment is really out of whack here.

Need your suggestions.My daughter is going to be 9 yrs old,she has been playing Tennis for past 7-8 months.?

sounds weird

Where can i get tennis coaching video's in india?

with you

Do you think Federer will make it to the French Open this year?

why? he's just another athelete who doesn't know when it's time to retire. agassi, evander holyfield, and bret favre should go have a beer together

How do you know when to replace your tennis grip?

I'm with ya and I will say that Agassi knows his time has come and did retire with integrity. His legacy will last just a little longer than his critics.

How much time take to learn how to play good tennis?

He is the reason I watched Tennis.The guy is great,getting injections on your back just to be on the court is something that only a fighter will do.He is a born fighter.Lets hope he comes to India for his foundation.The only guy in our era to win all four slams.
A Tribute to Agassi-------YES
Light Candles--------------NO.Thats just a sissy thing for Agassi.DONT tarnish his name.RUN a marathon in his name ----great.Name a road after him---better.Candles-------NOO...
DUDE/DUDETTE grow up...

Venus and Serena Williams call white people racist for not supporting them?

Of course

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