2007 Men's Claycourt Championship?

Where is the 2007 Men's Claycourt Championship going to be held?


Who here thinks Lleyton Hewitt is so hot?

OK I just took a look at ATP.com and it's going to be held in Houston,Texas at the WestSide Tennis Club.

-April 9-15th

What's the origin of tennis score syatem 15-30-40?

Don't know, but you gotta go with Nadal. I mean, the guy hasn't lost on clay in over two years.

Is a 3lb tennis racket considered heavy?

well, sum1 answered that already :(

but then who's gonna win?

Hey, Tennis Peeps, Help me out!?

I dunno.But Rafael Nadal will ROCK there!!

Is it okay to wear these shorts to play tennis or go to tennis class? Are these too short?

houston texas. its been there for awhile now.

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