A qs for tennis players.?

would it be possible to play on a court which only had say 4feet between the court and the backdrop at the ends and 5 feet at the sides? ive checked the official dimensions however just wondered if it would be poss to play on this size.thinking of having one built and this is the max space available. thanks.


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It would be possible but you would be very limited in your ability to return shots. The game wouldn't be playable the way it's meant to be played and if you were playing someone with a really good serve, you would have little chance of being able to return anything.

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not a q

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It would be possible you would just have trouble with your return shots and being able to get to your shots.

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It's not possible to play QUALITY tennis on a tennis court with so very little backcourt.

Why do you think there are regulations that govern tennis court dimensions in the first place?

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