Any doubles tip?

i hate playing doubles, and we are keep losing on the tennis team, that's why i never have a chance to get to single, i beat the single player at single but not at double, it is much harder when you have to depend on 2 people, any tips?


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Hello, playing doubles is always involving strategy, singles involves lots of running. You may be a good singles player but still need to improve on your doubles play. When Roger Federer paired with Yves Allegro, or Nadal with Feliciano, both pairs got ousted early. That doesn't mean that great singles players do well automatically in doubles. To play doubles you've got to concentrate on the game with your partner. Learn to cover up for your partner in the game. If your partner gets a shot deep to his left, you've got to go left as well to cover space on the court. Also learn to set up for your partner. In advanced doubles play go to the net more often to volley as the volley is the attacking position. Communicate with your partner by saying things like "Yours.." or "Leave it.." or "Out!". You'll learn to enjoy the doubles game. All the best!

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When playing doubles, it's all about being in sync with each other. You should know what your partner's about to do and possibly move/shift to compliment their play. Mybe, have a few hand signals to indicate what you want your next move to be. Be sure not to fight with each other!

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it is a kind of game it is not possible for all the people he will
be perfect in all game so if you are good in single and you are having capability to beat players in single so keep play singles only.want to lot more about the tennis just come and visit our sites.

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who do u play for
in doubles it is all about the strengths. You need one at the net and one hittin ground strokes and u need a strong first serve
1st serve very important

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