Agassi will always be a winner in my eyes!?

I am so sad Agassi lost! but i will never stop loving him! LEGENDS NEVER DIE! God i'm crying...who else is with me??


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Andre Agassi - One of the best players of all time and a guy with integrity. 100% pure class. Don't cry - celebrate his career and be thankful that he was able to share his gift with us. His time has come and he is smart enough to know when to bow out gracefully. His retirement will evolve to legacy.

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Girl, Agassi will always be a winner, believe me , you're not alone on this! Isn't he cute!!!


He's absolutely amazing and one of the greatest all-around champions ever. He combined talent, grace, and philanthropy, and most people are content with just one. His story will never die.
<3 Agassi <3


I was crying when he started crying when he was waiting for the serve for match point. He will always be a winner and always the best. I will never forget him as long as I play tennis. he inspired me to start tennis when I was young. He was the first person I saw play tennis. I will miss him. We will all miss him.

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Don't worry i am with you.

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