Any roger federer hater here?

just asking. im just curious. i don't hate him really.


Whose better Hingis or Serena?

I personally can't stand him, every time he smiles I feel like punching his face in.

Tennis Grand Slams Prize Money?

I dont hate him.But i am a rafael nadal fan.So i dont like Fredrer very much, but no doubt, Fredrer plays gud tennis.

When should i start play tennis to be in college team?

I dont hate him but Im always rooting for the guy hes playing against. Now I hate Tommy Haas And marioa skarapova

Where do i buy 'prince model 4' tennis ball machine in canada (not USA)?

I absolutely adore Federer, his game is fantasitc and the manner in which he carries himself makes him a great rollmodel.

Is Lobster Elite 1 a good ball machine?

I don't think anyone hates Fed. If there's one thing, it's his slightly arrogant quotes ("I won in a final, again", "I'm surprised at myself") but he has the results to back it up.

Lead tape position?

I personally hate the fact that Federer keeps winning at almost every tournament he goes to. Overall, he just has has a good gameplay. I would want to see some other men players to win these tournaments, but not him. If only the American players, like Roddick and Blake, can improve their game to equal, or even surpass Federer's game.

What time does Andre Agassi play today?

I'm one. I can't stand him

Can you play tennis for free in new york city?

Not here
I just like good competition.

Do you think Federer has so much trouble beating Nadal because Nadal is a leffty?

Hi honestly Federer is the best player now. i don't really hate him but i just wanna see him LOSE a match why? because it's very rare. And i also hate him when his against Andy Roddick but I like him when he's against Rafael Nadal :))

Federer' only weakness?

I really appreciate the way Roger Federer has that old school class .In this regard he reminds me allot of Sampras or Borg.

Look all the guy does is fracking win!!! He's not part of some Nike/marketing hype machine ,which is the only reason he wasn't named the AP Male Athlete of the year.

Memo to SI if he was a leggy blond would he be on your cover?

Does the world of sports, announcers, writers and the general public alike, truly understand tennis!?


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