Any ideas on a new pair of tennis shoes?

I am looking for something not too expensive and made for hard courts. I do a "toe drag" on my serve, so something that won't rip would be nice.


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Hey TopSpin, it really depends on what kind of foot you have. With that in mind I'll include a link to a similar question that was asked. You'll be able to find my answer and that might help a bit. But when it all comes down to it, the best shoes are the ones that you feel the best in. I play a lot and at one point I was going through a pair of shoes every month or two. I decided to give Wilson shoes a whirl because they have guarantees on most of their shoes. I wasn't a big fan because they were too heavy for my taste. For my foot I really like Nike--and especially their Air Zooms. I don't know if you remember the old Sampras shoes, but those were the greatest. It was like playing in my socks.

If you want shoes that aren't too expensive, then you can find good shoes in the Nike, Adidas and Wilson lines that aren't too pricey--and they all have shoes with guarantees, although the Nikes and Adidas with guarantees are a bit pricier.

Here's an alternative that I use: I buy two pair of shoes. I buy a really nice pair and then I keep my eyes open for sales or a good less expensive, more durable pair. I then switch them off. I usually go to Tennis Warehouse and look for shoes on liquidation. Here's an example for you:
I'd get a pair of the older Air Resolve (on liquidation; I'll add the link below) for $60 and then I'd keep my eyes open for other good deals on the liquidation list (you could also check out sites like Holibird Sports; I'll include a link to their close-out page). I have a pair of these Resolves. They've got a six-month guarantee on the outsole and they're pretty comfortable. Plus they've got a solid toe--you mentioned toe-dragging.

Good luck. I know how hard it is to find a shoe that fits well.

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then get some jordans not vans will rip quick

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i've been going with the Wilson ProStaff 850CC for a while now. lie u, i also drag toe a lot so. the 850cc lasts about half a year for me (i play 3-4 times a week). its about 50 bucks a pair. you might wanna give that a shot. I'm thinking about changing to a pair of adidas barricades though. some of teh newer ones on tennis-warehouse for a warantee for wearing the sole. they may be more expensive, but i think they'll last longer, plus with that warantee, why not give it a shot.

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If your idea of cheap is $60 or less then get some Prince shoes. They are the best in the world to me and to David Nalbandian and sometimes Roger Federer

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I recommend either the Babolat Team All Court or the K-Swiss Ascendor SLT. Both are really good shoes. They offer excellent build quality, and excellent comfort. They both look good and feel good if you have an arch or if you are a flat-foot person. Since you like to do a toe drag i recommend the Babolat Team All Court over the K-Swiss Ascendor SLT. If you are looking for comfort over build i would go for the K-Swiss Ascendor SLT. Hope i helped.

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