Am i the only one who is excites for wimbeldon?


How do I make varsity tennis next season?

breakfast at wimbeldon! Yessssssssssss! May Nadal and Federer duke it out again!

Do you think anyone can prevent Roger Federer winning the next 3 Grand Slams?

i'm kinda exicted for wimbeldon, not as excited as i was for the french open though. Federer is gonna own in this one. atleast in french open, there was nadal. i love watching nadal playing federer.

What female tennis player won Australian Open in 1980?

If you like tennis at all, how can you not love Wimbleton?! It's like the crown jewel of championships!

Who is the best tennis player?

How can you not get excited for wimbledon?

Why is Rafa Nadal's butt big?

i hope justine henin-hardenne wins it...shes my favorite,and she won the french open!

Does tennis get boring after an while?

No, I am, and I also know that Federer is going to lose to Roddick in the finals.

Lookin 4 a pic of martina hingis from the cover of gq magazine in 1999... "the champ is a vamp"?

im pumped!

Are all of the courts at the australian open have a roof that is retractible?

what i am a big tennis fan too and i am very excited to see this year wimbledeon

When does high school tennis season start?

Nadal is the Player to watch because he is the one who can challenger Federre

How long for a tennis elbow to heal and when to resume playing tennis?

The reason so few tennis players are excited about Wimbledon is because the players who've been in the game a long time realize it's just a farce.

Indeed, in no way is it a fair contest of who's best. The slick, skidding grass surface and incredibly low bounce highly favor big servers. In fact, rallies on this archaic surface are rare, and watching tennis has never been so meaningless and dull.

What Wimbledon needs to do is follow the lead of one of the other 3 Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the Australian Open, which long ago changed their surface from grass to hard court.

Hard court tennis is excting. Servers can still hit aces, Groundstrokers can still rally from the baseline, Serve & Volleyers can still run to the net, and any player can come to the net on a short ball.

Then, of course, there's Roger Federer who can do it all. Indeed, everyone should aspire to have an All-Court game just like him.

I need Help on hitting a good forehand?

No, I'm really excited too! I love tennis and Federer is my favourite, so how could I not love Wimbledon? :o)

When will Federer play against Samprass?where?

You're not alone. I'm really looking forward to it. I was starting to get a little sick of clay-court tennis anyway. Wimbledon's always a good antedote to that.
Hopefully Federer can make it 4 in a row!

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