Anybody know any good tennis games for kids?

I need it to help teach a class


What do you think the best tennis shoe is?

Jail break
Line them up at the service line they take turns hitting the ball that you feed them across the net and into the green. If they get it out or into the net they are in jail. Which means they go to the other side of the net and put there racket down. To get out of jail they must catch a ball that someone else hits over the net. if they catch it on the first bounce they trade places with the person that hit the ball. If they catch iton the fly, then everyone in jail is out, but the person who hit the ball is in jail. The last person must get two in a row in the green without anyone catching the ball to win.

Around the World: (For older kids)
Have two line of kids at each base line. Feed the ball to one side. the kid hits the ball and then runs around the court to the other line. Then the next kid tries to return that ball and then runs to the other side of the court. They get three mistakes to spell the word OUT

King of the Court: (Also for older kids)
teams of two. One team starts at the net on one side of the court and another team at the base line at the other side of the court. And the line of other teams behind them. They play out three points. The person to get the best 2 out of 3 wins the crown if they are at the net, and if not then they switch place with the people at the net, and the team at the net goes to the end of the line. The first team to 10 crowns wins. There are no lobs on the fifirst ball, and you feed to the team at the base line.And a clean winner automatically wins the crown, or the advance to the other side of the court. Clean winner is when the ball is in and noone touches it before it hits the ground twice.

Can tennis shoes be used as sneaker? Vice Versa?

You could play 21 with them. It is like a non-service game, where the first player to win 21 points wins the game. Also, the ball has to cross the net two times before the point counts.

Who were the top 50 mens tennis players in 1980?

There's this game called "***". It's a mixture of butt's up and four square. There are 4 players and each one is assigned to one quadrant of the court and each person has a racquet. The player with the ball holds it on top of the net with one had and hits the net with the edge of the racquet with the other. The object of the game is to get your opponents out by making them miss the ball. One bounce is allowed after it enters your court before you must hit it back over. However the ball must land inside the quadrant. Once you get a miss, you get assigned the letters. A. S. S. and then you have to bend over on the base line and aim at their butt. It would probably help more with the aim than anything. It might not be helpful at all. It's just fun.

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