Anybody agree that Anastasia Myskina has blossomed into a sex kitten?


What are clay courts made of, exactly? and what are its types?

Right on. She's always looked nice, but some of her recent outfits... Wow!. Yes. Nice, real nice.

What tennis racquet is better the Head Flexpoint Heat or the Prince O3 Original White?

hey your right .

Who is the strongest person in tennis, Justine Henin or Maria Sharapova?

Finally a sensible, well thought out question that affects us all.
Yes she has

Who's this Jimmy Connors? Is he a tennis great? Also if Roddick should win this game, he should be named the

well she does look like a cat in some ways but she is nothing compared to Maria Sharapova..that tall delicious looking russian compatriot of hers takes the cake as far as beauty is concerned when looking at the womens tour...she is even lovlier than kournikova and is probably the best looking player to be No. 1

Dimentions of tennis court?

Anastasia posed nude on a horse, for GQ, a few years ago.

I think Maria Sharapova is kind of boring looking. Her compatriot Maria Kirielinko is hot!

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