A ball is hit with backspin into the other players court and bounces back into your court, does play stop?


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This is something that doesn't happen very often and so it's not specifically addressed in the ITF rules (I'll include a link below), however a study of the rules will give you bits and pieces of how to decide what should happen. That being said, it does occasionally happen--I've actually seen it--and now you'll know how to handle such a situation. Here's how it works and the philosophy behind the call. The first 'IF' is more than likely the answer to your question, but there could be several variations to that situation that are noteworthy.

IF: the ball bounces in the opponent's court and spins back over the net and bounces in your court the point ends and you win the point. This is because the opponent did not make contact with the ball while it was in his court/his turn to make contact. As soon as the ball bounces in your court the point is dead and you're awarded the point.

IF: the ball bounces in the opponent's court and spins back over the net and the opponent makes contact with the ball before it bounces in your court and correctly hits the ball into play, then play continues normally (see Rule 25b, which states that a player can reach over the net to contact a ball that has spun back over as long as he/she respects Rule 24; and Rule 24 Case 4, which states that a player can make contact with the ball after it has crossed back over the net as long as that player doesn't touch either the net or his opponent's court).

IF: the ball bounces in your opponent's court and spins backwards around a net post, the opponent can hit the ball back into your court without clearing the net (see: Rule 25c).

Anyway, you may want to get a copy of the rulebook to keep in your tennis bag--you never know when it could come in handy. I've included a link to the official ITF rules that the USTA distributes. It's a nice little booklet because it also includes "The Code" and USTA commentaries.

I'd also like to remind everyone that in the second 'IF', the only reason the opponent could reach over the net to make contact was because the ball hit his court and bounced back over the net. This is just an exception to the rule that players can only make contact on their own side of the net. It is NOT the general rule (meaning, in general, players cannot make contact with the ball on their opponent's side of the net).

I hope that helps!!

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I would think so. The opponent has to hit it. That would be an amazing backspin!!

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depends on what sport you're playing

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No, if it already bounced into your opponents side, and came back to you, its your ball. Game On!

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The opponent MUST make contact with the ball in order for it to count.

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no it doesnt. actually the opponent has the ability to go over the net without touching the net and hit it

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I've never seen anyone put that much crazy spin on a ball, but if the opponent fails to hit the ball it is your point.

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Yeah it does! It would be your Point.

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The play stops only if the opponent did not touch the ball before the ball came back to your side of the net and it would be your point. If the opponent touched the ball with the racquet before the ball came over, play continues. I guess the answer you are looking for is YES.

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No but the other person can reach over the net to hit it. If not it is your point.

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