Andre Agassi Frist round match?

Does anyone one know the exact time Andre Agassi's 1st round match will start ? USA time would be awesome thanks!


If Pete Sampras was to enter the Wimbledon Draw this year, what do you think, his chances are, will he win?

This isn't a direct answer to your question, but aren't you afraid of watching Andre Agassi play? Seeing him on the court is like watching an old man being dragged out before a crowd and executed with a shotgun a point blank range.

Don't get me wrong, I love Andre, but I just wish he would stop playing. It's agonizing. Frist is going to absolutely murder that guy. He's going to show no mercy, and I'm going to be weeping bitterly the whole time.

Is it easy to buy French Open Tennis tickets at the counter?

its postponed so the exact time is unavaliable right now.

as for teh previous comment about "agassi should retire" or something rather. he announced at the pre wim post conference that he will retire this year after the US Open.

Tennis Fans?

he wins easily

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