Any good tennis players out there? I need help!?

My friend and I are taking tennis classes together starting Monday and I STINK big time at tennis! It's fun to play but not as much if you're not particularly good. Any of you got good tennis tips?


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Sorry to hear that. :( OK if you are not good then focus on just getting the ball over. Lob the ball every chance you get and slow the game down so you can focus. STAY FOCUSED!! What you should try to do is to stay focused and try to read the writing on the tennis ball as it's coming towards you. That will help. Also, if you have any extra cash then you should take a couple private tennis lessons so you can improve your strokes, volleys, grips, strategy, etc. I hope I helped! Good luck!

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ask roger federer to give you some lessons

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stay on your toes, hit it to where she isnt. play defensive. be confident

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___ I play but I´m not professional.

Who is the prettiest woman in the tennis circuit?

If you are serious about tennis a decent racket is important, but if you are just trying out to have fun remember eyes on the ball, and follow through with your swing if your ball flies left or right you are hitting to soon or to late try to hit the ball when it is still in front of you not parallel

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Keep your strokes simple
Watch the ball
Listen to your instructor
Be patient with yourself--you will get better and it will take some time
Have fun and try to enjoy the competition
Watch and learn from players that are better than you

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The most important thing is to make sure you have fun!! Secondly, you want to keep your eye on the ball and watch the ball hit the racket. By the way, make sure you have a comfortable racket that fits your playing abilities. And finally, listen to your instructor. He or she will know a lot about tennis and can teach you a lot. Have fun!

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try to hit the ball in the middle of the racket, "the sweet spot" and start your swing low but then get higher. Also when ur swinging make sure ur racket isnt bent, but is parralel to ur arm

How do u score points in tennis?

i think u should startv with the basics,such as serving, backhand, forehand, and volley.after u mastered the basics,the next step is to get better at each of them,and then master three basic skills: strength,stamina, and reflex.

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The most important thing, and this goes for your partner, also is learning how to start a rally and being able to hit the ball back and forth consistently with control. 1. Make sure you grip the racket correctly by shaking hands with it. The racket face/hitting area should be perpendicular to the ground or parallel to the net. Now bounce the ball in front of your forehand and brush up the backside of the ball with a low to high swing making the ball spin forward. 2. Move forward when you do this and make sure the ball will bounce in Front of your partner near the service line so she is able to easily hit the ball back to you. 3. Just make sure the ball Arcs over the net and bounces in Front of your partner and repeat these steps; learn how to spin the ball and make it drop down after it clears the net. It will take you about 2 weeks of practice to do it consistently at first. And that is only if you try hard. Don't expect to get good at it unless you practice hard at it. However with some practice, and if you really want to get should have fun playing tennis in no time!

Tennis Question?

Well, firstly, I have played for five years now, and am now playing internationally, and I'll admit... the first 6 months weren't too great.
Tennis takes persistence, so keep your chin up and keep hittin' the courts... once you get good enough to really play and keep the ball in court and rally. It's super fun... So just keep that in mind.
For a beginner tennis classes are really the most important thing... You have to get your strokes down technically before you do anything else.
My only advice for you is to keep it up and keep practicing no matter what...

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