Andre agassis head again?

wow, why did so many people get mad when I asked what was up with the shape of andre agassis head?? it is quite uniquely shaped. what with all the valleys and lumps on it. i was just wondering why he would shave it so closely as to give it that nice sheen that accentuates all the abnormalities, that's all. i really had no idea how many people would defend another mans head. they must feel some kind of bond with the guy. a very strong could say by their answers that the bond they share with the man is bordering on a sexual feeling. I dunno, just the way I see it. kinda creepy.


Does any1 like Andy Roddick?

im 19 and i think he is hot!

Roger federer is a stupid. how many of u agree?

Quite likely, if you were to shave your head, it would also have odd lumps and bumps on it. Andre probably shaves his head because he's losing a good bit of his hair anyway, and it beats having bald spots. Furthermore, there may be a psychological element to it; he may think it makes him look for forbidding to his opponents.
Oh, and by the way, ANDRE RULES.

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And yet, you ask another question and reference the very subject that angered people the first time. Sparky, I think you aren't making many friends.

Who was Sally Ride's Tennis coach?

Sorry I missed the big uproar! I thought his head looked fine last night...I think he shaves it because he has a good case of male pattern baldness. And I noticed a little gray in the stubble he had. I think he's a nice looking guy with whatever type of head he has. Just my opinion though...

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he used to be a really sexy tennis player back when then he started to loose his hair like alot of men so he shaved it. He is a pretty boy I dont know what your seeing but he looks fine to me and people respect his talent so evidently you touched a nerve. Who cares about his hair its his talent above all but he isnt bad to look at.

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I guess they got upset b'cause they thought your question was out of line. Just what the heck would that have to do with the man himself?
We are all different. we all have different body shapes, manners, up bringing, life style... so that may just have ticked some people off because they think it is irrelevant when it concerning a person, period.

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