Are pressureless tennis balls as good as regular, pressurized balls?


How long will it takes for a beginner to actually play tennis better?

They are better in the sense that they will last longer. But tournaments only use pressurized balls. The bounce between them is different. The best thing to do is to use pressurized balls but change them regulary as they don`t last very long. Some people won`t be able to do this as it costs money. Playing with balls that have no bounce is bad for your game because as soon as you play with balls that bounce you won`t be used to the pace.

What do you think of tennis as a sport?

Try and see what you prefer, for practise.

I still think that, only regular balls are excepted as regulation ball in the tournaments.

So if you are playing for tournament and practising for it stay with regulation ball.

Ideas for gifts for a tennis coach?

no, they are not. they are used mainly for little kids practice. However they can be useful for drills in which you need to learn to work the ball. the balls that you can buy at a shop have a lower pressure than those which the professionals use. I once was able to get a tin of used pro balls. It amazed me, how much spin I could generate, and how the ball just flew off my racquet.

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