Andre agassi...?

what's up with andre agassis' head?? I mean the whole shape?? why wouldn't he grow hair instead of shaving that thing and drawing our attention to every creepy lump and valley on his obviously alien influenced skull??


Does Anyone Have a video of andy roddick's Fastest serve at 155.5 mph?

Who cares about the head or hair, he has a great game, and he is doing a great job in the USopen.

In ATP round-robin tennis, how are the winner and second-place finisher of each group determined ...?

Nice to hear from a true tennis fan.

Can any one tell me where one can play tennis in Bangalore??

What's up with your head? Ain't it got any brains in it?

If you exercised your obviously nearly dead brain for even a second, you'd realize that Andre can only grow hair around the sides of his head and not on top. And, if you think his head looks funny now, you ought to know he'd look way more funny with a clown's partial hairdo.

So stop looking at other people, and look at yourself first before criticizing.

As stated in the Bible: Let he who is without Sin cast the first stone!

Who would you consider the best tennis player of all time?

If you look at pitures of my father's head, you'd understand why my head is shaved!!

In tennis, what is the definition of 'unforced error'? Is it objective or subjective?

at least he won today against someone nearly half his age you don't even deserve to speak in the shadow of such greatness
keep trying

Is it possible to become a tennis champion now?

No way Dude, do you really think its the big Double A himself that answered the question you asked about his head?
Hey Andre! You should rest for your next match after your 5 sets with Baghdatis and not sit around playing on the internet!!

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