20 year old Tennis newbie.?

Question:A friend and I are going to pick up Tennis, we're both 20. Neither of us has ever played before, so yes, we're going to be HORRIBLE at it, but believe me when I say I want to get good, at least to an acceptable level where I can have fun and win.

What do I need to know to start, and what can I do to practice to get the drop on my friend? Are there any techniques I ought to know, how can I improve my accuracy?

If you put my knowledge of Tennis on a scale right now, it would be at zero, perhaps, not much higher. Help me raise that bar. = ) ANY serious advice will be appreciated.

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keep playing, it will get fun and you'll do better. i been playing tennis when i was a kid and i got way better. i know what you mean by horrible everyone is horrible in the beginning

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I started playing tennis in my 20s too. What I did was take lessons with a local tennis pro. Then I practiced with other people in the group class I attended. It's been a interesting and fun journey. I have improved a lot from the first day I swung that old racquet of mine. There's still a lot of stuff to learn.

Good luck!

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practice everyday. play practice matches at least 4 times/week. match practice is invaluable. when you have the technique down-packed, the only other thing that you need to learn is shot selection.

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U mite consider getting a coach...just at the beginning in any way.

Trust me: U will not regret starting to play! Have fun! And emal me if you want to ask something specific.

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The best thing for you to do is keep playing and take lessons. You can find expensive lessons at clubs or a good value through your local parks department.

in most cases, you will get the same kind of education and results.

If you are interested in competitive tennis there are also several options.
The USTA (United States Tenns Association) has several tennis programs aimed at adult tennis including Tennis on Campus for college students ( this is an intermural team based competitive program), USTA LEAGUE tennis and CARDIO TENNIS.

check out the usta's website : www.usta.com

for more information

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