Are Roger Federer & Maria Sharapova allowed to compete in a mixed doubles match together and would they win?


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I think Roger would be better off with Justine, rather than Maria. If he playes the double with Justine, they would be an unbeatable team.
I think many would be much better with Federer than Maria, like Jancovic, Hingis, Maresmo & Ana Ivanovic.

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hmm i don't see why not. and yeah i rekon they'd be in with a decent chance :D

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OF COURSE YES But i don't think they will win but i think they have 30% chance game in Singles and in Doubles is very Dif. you may be good in Singles but not in Doubles. You should have good team work in order for your team to win :)

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yes, they are allowed to play together. They would very likely win, because Federer is a great doubles player, I'm not so sure avout Sharapova's fine ability though, I only see power from her, no touch, finesse, angle (not that there's anything wrong with those in singles.

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Mulato is right. Henin would be a much better partner for Federer. They would be unstoppable. Jankovic would be a good pairing also.

How about Sania Mirza?? j/k

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what the heck !they will lose badly.

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They could play together at the Slams where there is a mixed doubles draw. They would obviously be a huge draw, also, and would probably be put on the center court. However, this is highly unlikely to happen, as both players prefer the singles play.
They would likely not do well in doubles competition, either, because they are both (especially Sharapova) average doubles players. Sharapova didn't even know how to play doubles until a couple years ago and her volleys are not nearly good enough. Roger is comfortable on a doubles court and he has good feel, but if they played a team like Bob Bryan and Martina Hingis, for instance, it wouldn't even be close. Maria really would drag that team down.
If Roger and Martina wanted to form like a Swiss contingent or something, that would be a really successful mixed-doubles team, though. They would be amazing to watch.

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Successful singles players, more times than not, do not play doubles or mixed.

It's too much of a strain on the body and at their level they burn through an extreme amount of energy.

Talent wise, yes, they could certainly do it. Although established doubles and mixed teams have a clear cut advantage because they play together often.

At their level, it's not a matter of hitting shots correctly, it's a matter of playing points correctly. Big difference there.

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Yes maria and roger could play together and maybe they could win a few rounds but now a title because Maria can't volley, so anytime she's at the net the opponent will hit it to her and not to roger. Now maybe they would win if she just served and ran off the court and let roger play the point out by himself.

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No, because both aren't great doubles players. You could pair Federer with anyone or Sharapova with anyone and they wouldn't do well. It's two different styles of tennis.

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Yes, but they have very busy & demanding schedules even with just playing singles. But they would certainly be one tough team to beat!

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anyone is allowed to play mixed doubles or doubles from the singles category. a lot of the bigger names hate to play mixed or doubles game because they want to focus on winning the singles title. scheduling is very unpredictable. you could be playing your mixed doubles or doubles match right after you just competed in the singles...and that happens a lot. most of the bigger names don't anymore because they make enough money in the singles if they reach the 4th round or quarters compared to winning the doubles title anyways...some still play it because it will help a lot with their volleying shots but for players baseline power players like andy, roger and maria...and the rest of the big names.they don't bother with it which might just conflict with their schedule. lindsay davenport really was the only of the top players who played doubles constantly.women doubles though. i don't recall her playing mixed. kuznetsova often times play both women doubles and mixed singles.but when they know they have a chance to win the singles can usually see them drop from the other competition around the 4th round or quarters..or something like that.

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Anyone would stand a great chance of being victorious with Federer at her/his side

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