Any connection between roger federer and oasis?

Question:i'm 99% sure that no one can help me here but still...
ok, i was watching the wimbledon match between federer and mahut ( i think that's his name, i keep forgetting). Anyway, and i got bored so i started reading this magazine, when i hear the commentator saying something about the british band oasis.i almost had a heart attack cause i love those guys and roger too and i dunno know what was up with that :((...
does anyone know anything about it? i'm from romania and maybe someone from my beloved country watched the game and remembered what the guy sayd about oasis...
this so gonna haunt me for the rest of my life =))


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Other than the (slight) similarity in hairstyles between Federer and the Gallagher brothers, I can't think of any connection LOL!

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looking into it on google, found a few matches but not quite the corralation you may be looking for.
I'll just give you a few quotes that I read, one of which may have been what you heard:
"It has been far from easy for Federer in this German oasis on the grass-court calendar." June 19th
"Roger Federer cruised into his second consecutive Pacific ... Located in the lush desert oasis of the scenic Palm Springs area"

all of the messages seem to be referring to the "oasis" like tennis court they were playing on. As far as I can see that is the only match.

also, there was a google link that brought up a oasis message board ( that has a topic about roger but it requires you to sign up (free) to view message board.
look there if you don't think the above answer is not referring to what you heard.

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girl that guy didn't said nothing about oasis...duh

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dont think so...

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both gallagher brothers & federer are ugly ??

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