"love means nothing in tennis"?

does anyone know who came up with that quote?


Where can I find tennis Strings wholesalers?

I found lots of hits for this quote on a web search, but all the ones I looked at said "Author Unknown"

I need some help with my serves in tennis.?

A tennis player.

Picture of Wimbledon winner 1946 Yvon Petra?


Who will be the winner of the woman tennis tournament of NASDAQ 100 open ?

Because luv means zero in tennis,

Should I skive off work to watch Wimbledon?


Does anyone know what web site i can buy tennis clothes and have free shipping?

"love means nothing in basketball"
here,another quote

Is sania better than maria?

lemme guess...
andre agassi?!

Will Roger Federer be able to win the French Open 2007 or will we see the same Rafael Nadal winning it?

must be in a movie abt tennis... There was a movie called 'Wimbeldon".. maybe it's that.
But i really like the quote though i don't believe it!

Tennis, Australian Open .?

The full quote is "Never fall in love with a Tennis player... Because love means nothing to them"

Love as the score can signify many things. "Love" for the game. "Love" for the opponite. Or just to make the player/umpire sound stupid to first time spectators. Who knows why?

Identify the Tennis Player in the Jumble: AAOOIERRSNTCBF.?

I think it was Henry the eighth.

What does the term seeded in tennis mean?

The full quote is "Love means nothing in tennis... but all in life" it in anonymous

What male tennis player won Austalian Open in 1981? Radio Trivia B-105?

hey its from a movie but i dont remember the name of the movie but the quote is quite good

Prepare for tennis tryouts?

yes, nothing because it's equivalent to zero. I don't know who came up that quote but it's in the rules and scoring in tennis.

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