Andre Agassi Fan?

Post your name here. Support Andre Agassi all the way to the US Open.


Why is tennis so fun?

I am behind Andre all the way. Superclass! Nobody would be surprised if he would pull off another slam.

Did bjorn Borg retire too early? Why did he?

i prefer roger..

Are modern tennis players (male and female) more stylish than the later era?



Which tennis players over the last 30 years have worn beards?

His days are over. Nadal beat him effortlessly.

If a 11 oz racquet is good for me, will it be ok to get a 11.4 oz?

Love to watch Andre he is simply great.

Where do you find a modest tennis skirt, I'm talking down to my knees please!?

I love to watch him play. I am so sad to see him leave.

Do u like girls playing tennis?:)?

with all my heart...but he already called it a was a sad day for me.

Do they sell tennis bags at Play it again sports?

agasii is one og mine favoirite players i was cherring for him in wimbledeon but he lost to nadal but i will cheer for him in his next tournamenta as i hope he does good in toronto it to bad agassi has to retired at the us open
hamid-pierre ghavami

I am looking for a Badminton class near Finchley London anyone know one around?

Yea all the way

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