Andy murry?

does he realy play tennis as well as the scotish play football


Can Rafael Nadal win the Cincinatti tourney? If yes/no then why?

* off. Ay least spell his name correctly

When does high school tennis season start?

yeah thats why he lost..

Hang on though, he got to a major tournament and actually won a few games NO

What do you think of Roddick's personality in tennis?

he should move to paraguay..he is a waste of space....British...cant believe how many english have supported him despite saying hed rather wear a paraguay glad he's out...up the english

What channel is the australian open on?

I saw Andy on Centre Court at Wimbledon this year in the 1st round and I booded him. He is a terrific young tennis player but he has no common sense as he told the whole of Britain that he would support anyone but England in the World Cup, so i supported Henman and then anyone but Murray!

What kind of racquet do you use and why?


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