Amelie Mauresmo or Justine Henin-Hardenne to win Wimbledon ?


Tennis...why did venus withdrew on a match against serena on 2001?

Maureso to win, but it will be a superb match either way. She just has to stay focused!

What grip do most pro tennis players use?

who cares!

Maria Stepanova vs. Maria Sharapova?

I think Justine Henin-Hardenne will win she at least looks like a woman and she will have won all 4 championships if she does .
Good luck Justine

Andree agassi on tv today?

Amelie Mauresmo

Who is the better player Tim Henman or Andy Murray?

amelie ive got a fiver on at 12 to one

Why the score in lawn tennis reads 40 in stead of 45?

I hope Amelie Mauresmo win, cause that will be here 2nd Grand Slam title in 34 Grand Slam Championship Tournament, while Justine is on 5 Grand Slams titles in 25 Grand Slam Championship Tournaments.

I play tennis with a two-handed forehand and have a ques. about my backhand?

mauresmo is world number 1 and seed 1 but i am backing henin-hardenne for the title

If nadal played federer on an equally fair surface, who would win?


TENNIS...what's up with Nadal? he's loosing what may seem easy matches to him...?

Mauresmo because she all woman. She needs the win mentally. She does not give up to stomach aches.

How long will a regular, standard tennis ball last before you need to use another one?

I would like to see Amelie Mauresmo win the Wimbledon title. Justine Henin-Hardenne is very talented, but has the aura of liar and a cheater.

I'm definitely not watching the match, but crossing my fingers that my choice wins.

Who cried when Andre Agassi lost??

Amelie Mauresmo

I am looking for an "inexpensive" tennis coach in Singapore.?

Neither have ever won it before. Henin-Hardenne will prevail in straight sets.

Is James blake the tennis player a Latino? What is race ?

Amelie Mauresmo will win for sure. She is such a better player. She looses her head sometimes, but she gets it back when she needs it.

Do you guys get intimidated when your opponent tells you crap while you are playing?

Henin-Hardenne will most undoubtedly be the winner at Wimbledon. While Mauresmo has strategy, power, and finesse, Henin-Hardenne matches that with a drive to win as well as being the smartest tennis player I've seen in years.

I enjoy watching tennis on TV but is there anyway of stopping the commentators talking crap all the time?

Amelie will win
Justine plays unfair. Calling time outs even when she isn't hurt. She is going to make them change the rule if she keeps it up. Some people just abuse it.

Will Roger Federer win the French Open this year??

Henin-Hardenne. She will finally complete her Grand Slam trophy collection.

What is the Name of this tune?

aah well ! guess what, you Henin supporters, Amelie won ..

I am happy she won .she comes across as such a warm genuine being ...who cares about trivialities like 'being man like' or 'having broad shoulders'

Get a life you guys who make fun of Amelie purely because of her physical looks . Name calling has never gotten anyone, anyhwere

besides, people tend to judge and fear what they dont understand .

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