Anti-Maria Sharapova? anyone?

Question:please share your hatred and anger to the world.


Does anyone know which TV channel is telecasting Australian Open in India?

She's good, but I hate her screaming and grunting during games. It's not good etiquette! She wins because she distracts her opponent with all that noise.

Question about tennis racquets?

She's a tennis player. Change the channel if you don't like her.

Is Amelie Mauresmo a trans sexual or a man. Does USTA check under the panties to make sure? It's unfair2 girls

why hate her?she's nice..=P

What do you think about Nadal getting injured?

No I'm a fan of her tennis playing and style. I like her screams as well.

When a tennis ball need to be replaced?

hey u suck
how can u hate her
shez kinda perfect

Where can i read prince of tennis chapter 106?

I dolnt hate her, have you seen her body!!!!

Does anyone know how to increase swingweight on your tennis racquet?

I don't like what she is doing for tennis taking the ettiqute, the intergrity and turning it in to a sponsored photo shoot I don't believe that she will last very long

Why in tennis the points are counted 15, 30, 40?

She┬┤s great, great body, good looking, what else could you expect? Her grunts are nothing.

How do i hit a nice forehand in tennis?

u can't say that! she's a great tennis player no doubt about that!!
and she doesn't grunt purposely it's her way of building intensity and stamina and demonstrating she's giving it a 100% while on the court!!

Does any one know where on the web I can find a tennis linesmen hand book ?

Who cares if Maria Sharapova is pretty or a great tennis player when her sour disposition, boring personality, lack of graciousness, and overly competitive nature override all of her positive attributes.

Should i start tennis?

Im not really a fan of her tennis, and i think she's rather high maintenance too

all that screaming - is it really neccessary?

How can you improve your tennis skills?

Noways... i dont think anyone hates sharapova. she is great...
offcourt and oncourt>>>sharapova rocks!!!!

In tennis tournaments, amateur and pro, what is illegal to wear?

i find it HILARIOUS how it is predominantly women who hate maria sharapova and the men who love her!

women, obviously are jealous of her looks and celebrity status. men, of course, want to do her.

i can't see how a tennis players who is one of the top 5 players in the world (and has remained there) can be doubted or have her integrity questioned. let's face a few things. the professional athlete's climate has changed today. large corporations aren't merely looking for a great talent to put their money behind. they want something more. and maria has is that "it" factor that others simply do not. she's got skill on the court. she's got glamour off the court . she's the whole package.

of course it won't last. the typical career of a professional athlete averages 10, maybe, 15 years. i think she should ride her wave of success and stardom as long as she can.

damn the haters and nay-sayers.

you are all just as superficial as you accuse maria of being.

Should Mahesh have been ridiculed by Leander after winning the badminton doubles gold in Asian Games?

Why hate her? do not loose your energy. I do not like her because she looks preppy and selfish, I do not like her scramming either, but I can not find a reason to hate her.

Tennis Racquet for Most Improvement?

Why do you bother?

Who is helen willis?

not me. she's a good player and she's pretty too. oh, and russians are just a tad bit too noisy, so that's probably the reason for all that screaming

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