Any good tennis lesson online?

I'm wondering if there is a site to find the tennis basics (mainly serve) online, maybe some good drills that I can practice also. Any help would be great, thank you.


Hey do I look butch .?

hey i have a good website for you.
go on it's the official website for tennis magazine. there u should go under "your game" and u'll find advice and lessons for every stroke and fitness advice too.

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No... :P

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umm hate to say it but if you really want to learn something you would have to go somewhere to take a lesson.

What is the best tennis racquet?

Maybe this link will help:

I'm 50 years old & i love tennis much, can i still develop the skill?
This is the best website ever. All you have to do is subscribe for free. YOu chose what you want to improve (for you it would be serve),and then they'll send you free daily video Tips!!
If you are looking for lessons and stuff, u could try the products section (they are pretty cheap). (Be sure to use the link provided whenever entering the website..) Good luck!!

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go to google search

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